20 20 Vision & more re the Roadmap ahead -- 

Let's develop special creative constructive spirit around how much Billions can be generated, off Volatility!

Utilising ''Disruptive Technology''!


June 23rd  besides Referendum Day in UK re BREXIT- also when a select group of Hedge Funds and Banks reaped large returns from the Trillion Dollar Zig Zag in Global Stock Indices-

SP500 went from 2119 to 1981 to now 2168 plus!

One of many examples !

Now building a very unusual Top for July,

so we then develop the next downwave to Sub 1850!

All before  November 4th


Numbers reveal more about tomorrow's papers!

As their price action unfold -

''Disruptive Technology'', can assist Large! So to be on the Right side of price action.  
















Sydney Seoul Taipai Rio Manchester

  Blowing in the Wind    Katie Melua


The Closest Thing to CrAZy   by Katie Melua












Sydney Seoul Taipai Rio Manchester