Putin's  days like ALL tyrants through Global History

have their sell by date!  Vlad's has truly  passed ?


So are Russians inteligent to abandon their leader or

 dumb as alcoholics !

water or vodka  or just  va v a ka ka 


is their any learning from History?

when your days are over get out?  


or be like  Libya one moment  acceptable

& then OUT & dead as a rat !    

Obama is on right course-  He must have Putin removed  - regime change - and wake the world up to the truth re Putin's 40 billion wealth he has accumulated through theft.

 re Must Go

 Putins' Moscow grip - 

London,SaoPaulo,MC, Dublin.

  Blowing in the Wind    Katie Melua   



The Closest Thing to CrAZy   by Katie Melua













You can go your own Way!


Kate Ceberano  



London,SaoPaulo,MC, Dublin.